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Fattoria La Vialla "Sugo Bombolino", Tomato Sauce, 9.8oz Jar

Region: Tuscany, Italy

About the Sauce: This is a homemade cherry tomato sauce that comes from a family-run, certified organic and biodynamic farm and winery. It's imported in small quantities and you can't find it at your grocery store. This is a great item for any Italophile or someone looking for a true taste of Italy!

Best Ways to Enjoy:  

- One jar is the perfect amount for two people to enjoy with their favorite pasta or spaghetti squash dish

- Two jars are perfect for homemade eggplant parmesan or making a slowly-simmered ragu

We'll send you our homemade eggplant parmesan recipe with your purchase. We swear it's the best (and lower-carb too!)

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